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Anne Spencer :: essays research papers

The Atypical Woman in a Typical World Do numerous individuals know who Anne Spencer is? Likely not. Anne Spencer was a Harlem Renaissance writer who really lived in Lynchburg, Virginia. She enormously delighted in working in her nursery and investing energy in Edankraal, a little cabin in her nursery where she composed the vast majority of her verse. In spite of the fact that Anne was a diligent employee, she unquestionably was not an ordinary lady of the mid twentieth century. Anne and her significant other, Edward, did numerous things that were not commonplace during the mid twentieth century, yet these "atypical" attributes made the couple extremely interesting. Anne was the "unannounced" valedictorian of her group at the Virginia Theological Seminary and College (Potter 129). This was strange in light of the fact that at the time African American ladies had the option to go to class, however most didn't head off to college, considerably less become the valedictorian of the graduating class. In spite of the fact that some state that Anne was not the valedictorian of her group, but instead a timid young lady was the valedictorian, and Anne certainly was not bashful ("Anne Bethel"). Anne’s insight certainly appears all through her work. Spencer didn't work basically to procure cash; she worked on the grounds that she appreciated what she was doing. As per A History of Women in the West, the ladies of the mid twentieth century were all the while working at home, keeping the youngsters, doing house errands, and some even took a shot at the ranch. At the point when World War I broke out on account of the death of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, most ladies went to work in manufacturing plants (24). Anne didn't work in a processing plant; yet she accomplished work at Jones Memorial Library’s Dunbar Branch for $75 per month. Anne was not the regular custodian employed for this activity. In spite of the fact that the library just served African American benefactors, the situation as a bookkeeper typically went to a white individual. She persuaded the business that she was qualified by indicating him/her that she was a distributed artist. She additionally instructed at her institute of matriculation, the Virginia Theological Seminary and College for nothing, since she adored educating (Clark). Then again, Edward was Lynchburg, Virginia’s first bundle mailman. In addition to the fact that this was a huge accomplishment for the city of Lynchburg, yet additionally in light of the fact that Edward was an African American. Edward additionally assisted with the family supermarket which was near their home on 1313 Pierce Street. The compensation he got helped the family’s money related circumstance massively (Salmon 18).

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Looking For Some Good Writing Topics For Your College Essay?

Looking For Some Good Writing Topics For Your College Essay?Looking for some great Washington DC essay topics to help you succeed in college? There are a lot of different topics that you can choose from, but you will want to make sure that you research them all before choosing the one that you want to focus on. It doesn't matter if you're major is English or History, just make sure that you get something that you have studied to understand in class. You will be amazed at how easy it is to research for essays if you use this method.There are so many different types of people that go to college, and they all have different backgrounds. The type of background they have come into play when they are writing an essay on whatever topic they are going to write about. This is why you should make sure that you take the time to research everything before you even start to write your paper. By doing this, you will find that you can write much better and with much more confidence if you know what kind of information you will need to include.If you go to your local library, chances are that you will find many different books on writing essays that you can read before you get started. This is very helpful, especially if you have never written a paper before. By reading the tips and techniques that these books give you, you will learn how to make your writing style fit with the kind of topic that you are going to be writing about.One of the best ways to get a list of essay topics is to use the Internet. If you take some time to search for essays to read, you will find that there are a lot of different subjects that you can write about. You should be able to find some of the most interesting ones that you can read before you start to write the paper.Another way to research for essays is to check out some of the online resources that are available. There are some websites that will give you a list of essay topics that you can choose from. This is a great way to see all of the di fferent options that you have, so you will be able to pick the topic that you want to focus on.If you have any extra help with writing essays, you should check out some of the forums that are available. This is a great way to get advice on writing a good essay. It is also helpful if you can write an essay about some of the tips that other people have given to you when you first started.This can really help you learn how to become a better writer, and it can also provide you with some very helpful tips to help you make your writing style match with the topic that you want to write about. By making a list of all of the different topics that you can think of, you will find that it will be easier to find a topic that will be right for you. This will also help you to focus your writing style, and it will help you to make the best use of your time while you are writing the paper.It is very important that you have some idea of the essay topics that you are going to be writing about. If you don't know what to write about, you won't be able to focus on the topic. By researching all of the different topics that you can think of, you will find that you can find the one that you are looking for and that will help you to make sure that you have the best possible essay that you can write.

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The Us Constitution And Its Impact On American Society Essay

Since 1789, the US constitution has been a major part of life here in America. It dictates our rights and freedoms that we still stand by to this day along with establishing certain laws that were necessary for a functional society at the beginning of America’s independence from Britain. For over 200 years, we have stood by one single document. Despite the numerous changes in society and government, the US constitution has stood the test of time and still continues to stay relevant to this day. The US constitution has not only affected American society, but also several other societies as well, following its ratification. Western Europe adopted our idea of â€Å"We the People,† because they liked the idea that a government should exist and function by the consent of the people instead of a government telling them what to do (Students For Liberty). Many Englishman in Western Europe were interested in many of the ideas in the Constitution. One Conservative Englishman, Edward Burke believed that â€Å"the government’s proper and only role is to protect liberty† (Students For Liberty). Second to adopt ideals of the Constitution was France, yet they did not have a successful experience doing so, and it was never properly introduced, nor accepted into their society. They’re attempts to make their own constitution resulted in what was described as a â€Å"civil crisis.† Historian John Dalberg claims â€Å"The French failed to establish some of t he restrictions on government power, such as the duty ofShow MoreRelatedA Landmark Supreme Court Case856 Words   |  4 PagesA landmark Supreme Court case is one in which a precedence is set and there is an impact on society. There are many reasons for the importance of landmark cases and the studying of such cases. Some of these reasons are to study how the judicial branch works, try to understand how decisions made in the judicial branch affects laws and everyday life, and predict how current issues and cases will be affected by past decisions (The Judicial Learning Center, 2012). There are many examples of SupremeRead MoreThe Government Must Pay For A Civilized Society1279 Words   |  6 Pagestaxation is the price that one must pay for a civilized society. The Fraser Institute stated, More taxes buy more government; not a more civilized society. (Milke) As previously established, our tax money is wasted on failing programs that could be transferred over to the private sector. So what are we paying for? We have funded our government to grow and hold more of the country s wealth. Excessive spending is extremely prevalent in the US due to the amount of corruption within our political systemRead MoreSame Sex Marriages Effect On Society1685 Words   |  7 PagesAbstract Objective: This report discusses same-sex marriages effect on society. Informative Research: On June 25, 2015 the United States Supreme Court ruled the constitutional right to gay marriage. The ruling made the United States the 20th country in the world to approve gay marriage. The first country to make the legalization was the Netherlands in 2001. Massachusetts paved way for allowing gay marriage in the United States in 2004 and was followed thereafter by all but 13 states by February ofRead MoreAmerica s Essential Documents Of America1644 Words   |  7 Pagesremembered and studied. This doesn’t just apply to presidents, but to any great men. As great men or women come into our society and make a difference we all grow as a nation and every nation is different depending on its history. The United states of America has grown incredibly from its humble beginnings. We’re now one of the greatest superpowers in the world! But our society wasn’t just developed over night; when you look back in history you can find many points in time when someone or somethingRead MoreThe Importance Of The Bill Of Rights1331 Words   |  6 PagesThe United States Constitution, the highest law in the land, is the foundation of the entire government. In December of 1791, the Bill of Rights was ratified by three-fourths of the states and was therefore added to the Constitution, becoming law. Out of the ten amendments in the Bill of Rights, the section regarding freedom of expression within the first amendment and ninth amendment protect a large portion of the freedom enjoyed by the citizens of the United States. These amendments are differentRead MoreAdvantages And Disadvantages Of Privacy1188 Words   |  5 PagesThe Constitution was written in very general language, which has resulted in ambiguity about where national power and authority end and state power and authority begin (Fine, 2016). In other words, American Federalism, a system of government where people distribute power between national and state governments. The constitution gives each government their own power, but they also share some power and responsibilities. All people living in the United States have the right to privacy. The privacyRead MorePersuasive Argument For Run Nixon Out Of Office1245 Words   |  5 PagesWatergate burglary. US Representative Barbara Jordan made history on July 28, 1974, with her address on the Articles of Impeachment against then President Richard Nixon and other members of the Nixon house. Jordan explores evidence against the Nixon administration and violations made against the US Constitution by President Richard Nixon, his operatives, and other government officials. She touches briefly of gender and racial equality to convey her connection to the US Constitution, appeals to logicRead MoreThe Beginning Of The Year1524 Words   |  7 Pagesfreedom and equality could change the world for the better. The American Revolution was sparked by the ideas of The Enlightenment, and that was only the beginning of America’s fight for a democracy, all thanks to the ideas of the European Enlightenment. The European Enlightenment helped to shape the worl d’s society in political, social, and historical ways. The Enlightenment caused many revolutions and rebellions, such as the French and American Revolutions. For example, â€Å"The Enlightenment expired as theRead MoreThe American Revolution Or Devolution?1591 Words   |  7 PagesStates History 11 May 2017 Revolution or Devolution? The American Revolution was the rebellion of British colonists against England, however, the cost of liberty may very well have been far too high due to the economic crisis which ensued and the inadequacy of the newly formed government, although the freedom to worship as they pleased was gained yet not everyone even benefited from the Revolution. It was an enormous win for the American revolutionaries, as were the budding ideas of liberty andRead MoreThe End Of The Civil War1577 Words   |  7 PagesAfter the end of the Civil War, the most challenging, and equally important task for the federal government of the US was to reconstruct the defeated South and establish equality for the African Americans. A highly debated and crucial topic in this time period was the rights of the free black men to vote. â€Å"The goal of Reconstruction was to readmit the South on terms that were acceptable to the North –full political and civil equality for blacks and a denial of the political rights of whites who were

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Social Networking And Its Effect On Society - 1303 Words

In a world where there is such a strong emphasis placed on technology, online social networking has taken on society by storm. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram are just to name a few of the objects of mass consumption and insatiable obsession. Those online social network sites have become an influential and integral aspect in our daily lives. They have a tremendous impact on society through its persistently active users, whether or not it is directly or indirectly. In fact, the stability and wellbeing of society revolve around social media due to its undeniable appeals and capabilities. Even though, online social networks connect people in a more convenient fashion through their means of communication, it has also created an incomprehensible and irreversible problem. In the recent years, the culture of online social networking has become the leading force for the deterioration of organic solidarity in society. The growing prominence of online social networking in this age of technology has created inevitable problems. There are many clear issues present in society due to online social networking. Specifically, problems have arose in regards to the relationship between people in society and loneliness. The idea of loneliness resulting from online social networks might sound like a paradox and preposterous considering their purpose is to ultimately unite and bring people together. Essentially, through the abundant amount of users and its appealing features, socialShow MoreRelatedSocial Networking and Effects on Society1326 Words   |  6 PagesSocial Networking and Effects on Society Wouldn’t you say that online social networking has changed the way society interacts with friends, family and perfect strangers. When someone exposes themselves to these sites, they open the door to allow these people into their lives. Some of them you would have passed on the street and not even thought of befriending. These people you have chosen to interact with, whether they are in your city, another state, another country or just someone you met onlineRead MoreSocial Networking And Its Effect On Society917 Words   |  4 PagesAdvancing technology has played a part in the new methods of communication and with being very social creatures, who experiment with new ways of socializing, have found a new way to connect. Social Networking websites have changed how the world connects with friends and family, changing from the traditional ways of connecting with others like face-to-face connections. Many concerned themselves that social networking friendships centered on expecta tions that sites such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, andRead MoreSocial Networking And Its Effects On Society2163 Words   |  9 PagesSocial networking is an online community of people with a common interest who use a website or other technologies to communicate with each other and share information and resources, according to Webster. There are countless social networking sites that make it possible to establish connections between people. Some of the most popular sites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. These social sites make it easier for people to find and communicate with others that share the same network. AlthoughRead MoreSocial Networking And Its Effect On Society1997 Words   |  8 Pagesmodern times, technological advancement has greatly improved the social benefits within society. A vastly growing percentage of young people across America are growing more proficient in using the internet for communication across their country to international regions. In th e year 2009, a national survey was conducted for individuals between the ages of eight to eighteen years, where the average time adolescents spent on any form of social media was more than 7.5 hours of a day. Once the average timeRead MoreSocial Networking And Its Effects On Society3236 Words   |  13 Pages When we hear the word â€Å"social networking† what comes to mind is: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Myspace, OoVoo and so on. While accessing these trendy resources, we can interact with others by messaging, video chatting, live streaming, instant chatting and overall fast pace communication. Society as we know it has evolved tremendously in regards to the way we communicate and interact with one another. There is a significant difference between the way we used to get in touch with our families andRead MoreSocial Networking And Its Effects On Society988 Words   |  4 Pagesaccounts on multiple social networking sites and they spend a lot of time on updating the devel opments in their daily life and uploading various media like pictures and videos. People really enjoy doing this kind of activity, to be able to communicate with their friends, family members, and also meet new people. For certain people who use social networking as a marketing forum, this is an effective method. However social networking comes with its own share of negative effects on people. It is indeedRead MoreThe Effects Of Social Networking On Society1317 Words   |  6 PagesThe Effects of Social Networking Intro Over half of the world uses the internet. 2.2 billion people actively use any kind of social networking. There were 176 million new users of social media just last year (Regan 1). With the influence of so many people a pressing question: Is the impact of social media harmful or beneficial in its effects? Social networking is one of the biggest reports of online traffic. So, if so many people are using these networking sites, what are the effects on us? The â€Å"first†Read MoreThe Effects Of Social Networking On Society1545 Words   |  7 PagesSheena Gonzales Instructor Mushett Eng-123 10 June, 2015 The Effects of Social Networking Social networking websites (further referred to as SNS) are web based platforms in which people connect to other individuals that they already have a real-life connection to, locate individuals they have shared interests with, and they allow users to share information with others such as photographs, life events and thoughts. Being able to keep current with one s personal group quickly and easily is one ofRead MoreThe Effects of Social Networking upon Society1100 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Introduction: Social networking is a network of sites is very effective in facilitating social life among a group of acquaintances and friends , and enable old friends to connect to each other and after a long year , and enable them to also communicate the visual and audio and share images and other possibilities that solidified social relationship between them. Featured social networking such as : ( Facebook – WatsApp - Twitter – Skype - MySpace - LIVE Boone - Hi- Five - Orkut - Tagd - YouTubeRead MoreThe Effects Of Social Networking On Society1767 Words   |  8 PagesThe Effects of Social Networking Social networking websites (further referred to as SNS) are web based platforms in which people connect to other individuals that they already have a real-life connection to, locate individuals they have shared interests with, and they allow users to share information with others such as photographs, life events and thoughts. Being able to keep current with one s personal group quickly and easily is one of the reasons SNS have become so mainstream (McKensie 436)

Battle Between Sexes critical Essay Example For Students

Battle Between Sexes critical Essay Somewhere in my heart I would like to believe that I am a strong and disciplined woman. Sometimes, that is true, more often, it is half-true and then there are the days when it is a lie. But people are dimensional and complex which often makes it fun to watch them. The truth is, in humanity, there are many stories to be caught but the ones that got away they make the best stories of all. The story of GI Jane begins in the male dominated world of the Navy Lieutenant Jordan ONeil played by Demi Moore. The opportunity comes to be the first woman to train to be a SEAL she decides it is her only option to advance. The carrot comes in the person of Senator Lillian DeHaven played by Anne Bancroft, who has an agenda of her own. DeHaven, chairperson of the Armed Services Committee, has been bashing heads with the male-dominated and liking-it-that-way top brass over the appointment of Secretary of Defense and she decides it is a good time to get what she wants an integrated fighting force. B lackmailed and certain that no woman would ever succeed, the brass agrees to a test case and Lieutenant ONeil is sent on her way. Unaware that she is the political pawn of a feminist Senator, Jordan ONeill agrees to become the first woman to train with the elite fighting force. If Jordan succeeds, then she will strike a blow for the idea of women in combat, but no one expects or even really wants her to succeed. Jordan, appearing as masculine as possible, bravely endures humiliation, ridicule, sabotage, and physical torture to prove she can do it. ONeil suffers each of these indignities, and even shaves her hair to escape its encumbrance. ONeil finds herself fighting for respect and survival among the officers, the fellow trainees, and the world it seems. To make matters worse, she ticks off C.O. Salem by insisting on one standard of training. If it is to be done, ONeil will do it as all the men have to do it or not at all. The toughest battle for her lies in the person of Master Chief John Urgayle whose job it is to destroy and if they stay, then to build them back up. Urgayle doesnt believe women should be in combat, not because they are not capable but because it distracts the men, forcing them to be protective and therefore vulnerable to assault. And Jordan finds herself embroiled against even her allies as DeHaven shows her character to be more suspect than the rest. Even if statistically more men than women could make it as a SEAL, this would say nothing about individuals. It seems so stupid to pontificate in advance, in a vacuum, about whether, being a woman, Jordan ONeil could or should make it. Given the cred entials that the film hypothesizes that she has, ONeil ends up making it after all. Equality feminism is having the right to be equal as a woman. Fighting for your right to have a right and to take on roles as men do. In the movie, Jordan ONeil was given differential treatment because she was a woman. She did not want this treatment and refused to be singled out. She wanted to be treated the way the men were treated. Looking back to the times when women were nothing more than homemakers, our book talks about the women being the ones to take on a mans role when they left for war. This proved that women were capable of holding jobs and were able to get along and provide for their families without the man. Womens liberation was revived after the baby-boom generation. The key concept about this time was to open up the job market for women so they too could become doctors and lawyers and whatever else they chose to do. Classical feminism says that men and women should first be looked at as people. Culture is what has shaped us. Simone de Beauvoir a feminist icon of the 1920s accuses the philosophical tradition as women being viewed as atypical human beings and men as typical. She says it is a cultural fact that women do what they do because theyre normal. Until women begin to think of themselves as a group, they will believe they are abnormal human beings, she says. Men and women both need to receive the same treatment equal education and same treatment from society. Jordan ONeil wanted the same treatment as the men, and that is why she fought against what the Master chief had to say and won. Although, once the news was out and the media was involved that there was a women going through such training, they felt it was wrong. Society was not used to something like this nor prepared. This kind of training was always assumed that only men could accomplish and no women could ever make it through. As the Senator said, American families are just not prepared to have their daughters and young mothers in harm way. This basically saying that a womans death is more hurtful than that of a mans and that they are worth more. Unless, of course, you do have that one woman to stand up and speak out for her rights and say this is something she wants to do and push hard to achieve it, society and men especially will regard them differently. The truth is that when a women is engaged in an enterpri se worthy of a human being, she is quite able to show herself as active, effective, taciturn- and as ascetic- as a man, says Beauvoir. If we change this nature of women we will create responsible human beings and they will be able to respect one another for that reason. German Management System EssayIn my opinion, I believe women are capable of being who they want to be, capable of making their own decisions and have the will to be stern enough to stand up for whatever they believe in. Yes, men and women are fundamentally different by appearance and from what lies inside them but that does not give society the right to restrict women from specific things. Because of such feminists like Simone de Beauvoir, more women are taking a stand on what they believe is right and they also understand the true differences between men and women.

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Tata Nano free essay sample

In the post globalized era where India is looking at growth rates of more than 8%, one of the main beneficiaries of India’s growth story is Automobile Industry. Termed asâ€Å"Industry of Industries† . Automobile industry has been one of the indicators of a country’s economic prosperity, as major population of Indian economy is turning out as middle class society. Prior to the 1991 liberalization, auto industry in India was controlled and licensed by the government. Post 1991, the industry has grown at an average rate of 17%. Currently contributing to around 5% of the GDP, this is expected to rise to 10% of GDP. TATA NANO: Overview TATA Nano is the cheapest car in the world. It is manufactured by TATA Motor Limited, the largest automobile company in India. Its chairman, Mr. Ratan Tata envisions that Tata Nano to become a â€Å"People’s car† which is affordable by almost everybody. Tata Nano is manufactured totally in India. We will write a custom essay sample on Tata Nano or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Its assembled in its two factories atPantnagar and at Uttarakhand and also have a mother plant at Sanand Gujarat. What makes Nano so cheap? It has small and light engine, a 623cc two-cylinder petrol engine made of aluminum. Factors that contribute towards the weight reduction are the usage of hollow steering wheel shafts, plastic body panels and smaller tubeless tires. As a result of these measures, Tata Nano weighs only about 590kg. Lesser weight and fewer parts mean less raw material and lower cost for Tata Nano. Vision and Innovation are successfully implemented without compromising the safety and environmental compliance. Analysis of Market Offerings:- 1. Markets across the Countries:- First targeted market was the low income Indian families and lower middle class population. Now its expanding its market in other countries such as Malaysia, the rest of Asia, Europe, Africa and South America. The car was in 78-th Geneva Motor Show 2008. This helped to make the image of car in other countries than the existing ones back home in India 2. On the Web:- Considering the needs of the Market its website was launched in the beginning. Website is quite comprehensive and provides all the answers to the questions being asked since the start of the project. The marketing team has put a good effort to keep the website simple and easy to use and understand. Now one can find the Nano on Facebook, Orkut and Twitter. . Bank Finance :- TATA is keeping its promise of â€Å"people’s car† by providing bank car financing. NANO has made the way for the people who can’t afford to pay the price with the booking of the car. The 15 major banks including the state bank of India have been signed with the TATA to finance the low income people. The Key Marketing Feat ures:- 1. Affordability :- * Tato Nano is priced around Rs. 1 Lac . Which is almost half the price of the cheapest car in India, Maruti Suzuki, which is priced around 2 Lacs. * The low maintenance cost is a big issue, to maintain this car by oneself in a rough country is very easy and cheaper. The small size of the car gives a big advantage of parking in a densed Indian roads . 2. Warranty :- Its providing a 18 months Or 24000 Kms. warranty. Its not very good as compared to what one gets at the international level but it is still sounds good and once it is considered in price, fuel consumption and being eco friendly. 3. Fuel Efficient :- Tata Nano has a mileage of 21. 97 kilometer per liter, under city road conditions, and 25. 97 km/L on highways. This makes Tata Nano a fuel efficient vehicle, which will save money in the long-term. This mileage comes with an engine of 623 cc with a maximum speed of 105 Kmph. 4. Environment Friendly :- Tata Nano emits less carbon than two-wheelers. It also meets emission norms of BS II, III, IV which are Euro II, II, IV equivalent. MARKETING FOCUS – STP ANALYSIS:- 1. The target customers * Lower and Middle Income families,who aspire to upgrade to 4- wheelers from being 2-wheeler users. Such families stay away from purchasing cars due to the affordability factor. Affordable purchase price, low maintenance cost, increased safety, usefulness as a family vehicle are the factors that influence such buying decisions. Nano is also targeting the Youth, especially students who prefer young, trendy and innovative vehicles. Cars with safety characteristics would appeal more to them over 2-wheelers. * Families who want a second car, mostly for women and children. Nano has been positioned as an innovative and trendy car, as opposed to be a cheap car. It leverages the TATA’s goo dwill in market for the people throughout its publicity. 2. The Target Segment Nano aims to carve out a niche segment for itself in the Indian automobile industry. The closest competitor is Maruti 800. Maruti 800 is slowly moving out. Its price is higher (gt;2. 3 Lacs) compared to Nano and people are weary of its looks and functionalities. More recent cars such as Maruti Alto and Chevrolet Spark are also wooing customers, but their pricing and positioning is totally different than that of Nano, preventing any direct competition. Real threat comes from the small cars from Bajaj and Renault-Nissan etc. They will directly compete with Nano in the same segment. The other major competitor for Nano is the 2-wheelers. Most of the young people, students and lower and middle income families currently depend on 2-wheelers for their day to day activities. Primary reason for this is the lower initial cost and lower maintenance cost. Motorcycles such as Bajaj Pulsar and Hero Honda motorcycles has snatched the attention of the youth and family users. 3. Positioning: Tata Nano will position itself as the world cheapest car and yet does not compromise the quality, safety and environment. The Tata Nano has proved its robustness and reliability in many car rallies and expeditions undertaken by Tata Motors and by customers on their own. Its is the car that has put India on the world motoring map. It also has very good ground clearance and climbs well. MARKETING MIX 1. Product : Tata has wide range of luxury and small cars, utility vehicles, SUVs, defense vehicles, trucks and etc. * Nano received media attention due to its targeted low price. * The Tata Nano is  a rear-engine, four passenger, city car. * Aimed primarily at the Indian market but now spreading its market across the countries. PRODUCT MIX: 1. Products: Tata Nano has 3 types of models available in the market. Variants and their Pricing: †¢ Basic Tata Nano priced at 123,000 INR as no extras. †¢ Tata Nano Cx priced at 151,000 Rupees has air conditioning. †¢ Tata Nano Lx priced at 172,000 Rupees has air conditioning and power windows. . Price: The prices of Tata motors are generally affordable acceptable by the general public at large and Nano being their trump card. Giving discount every month one of the strong strategy use by Tata Motors. Pricing strategies * Penetration pricing * Low pricing policy with minimum profit margin. * Though the 1 lac price tag is not fixed b y TATA  group, it was the word of mouth of people which  fixed that range. This  expectation of people creates a big challenge for the company. 3. Place: Tata Motors has an extensive dealer network covering Indian and International markets. Wherever you are, there is a Tata Motors Sales and Service dealership close to you. The channel of  distribution, phsycic allocation, and dealership method of distribution and sales is generally adopted. The distribution of vehicle must be  in a very systematic way, from the plant to dealership and to end user. This is not only in India itself  but also to the world-wide dealership. 4. Promotion: Tata motors promote their products via advertising and after sales services. * Enough use of promotion mix, publicity reduces the necessity of other promotional devices for Nano. * Publicity as â€Å"1 lac car† by mouth to mouth Auto expo 2008,New Delhi amp; Geneva * Singur violation and new plant set up at Pantnagar Other type of promotional activities: TATA is going to launch its nano mobile for indicom user, nano watches, nano T-shirts available in  Westside stores. Advertisement : * TV amp; other mass media is very effective * Online buzz:- Nano has gone beyond the tradit ional methods of advertising and promotion * Online have a blog  on the official website where they discuss interesting topics and  maintain an active community * Official Orkut community, Facebook  Group Fans ,twitter fans group. Highest View Count on You Tube-  303,006 Level of a product: car * Core benefit: the need to get from one place to another. * Basic product: a car on its own; on this level this basically means that the car has 4 wheels. * Expected product: a car that is in working condition, so the owner can use it for transportation, it has decent mileage, etc. * Augmented product: TATA Nano that is in fully working condition, has an attractive design, passed all  tests, has 4-wheel steering, built-in alarm and air condition, etc. The car is also accompanied by other benefits provided by the motor company like warranty, instalments, etc. * Potential product: the car is much safer than the competitors’ products, it tends to break down less frequently than other cars. Product development life cycle of TATA NANO TATA NANO is one car which has created all in all a kind of new segment and this product is really different from all other. Introduction stage:- Tata Group introduced the revolutionary Tata Nano on January 08. It immediately stirred among Indian Consumers. It  was dubbed as â€Å"The People’s Car†. However, Low Price of the car is one of the crucial factors, which  is going to deciding the future of Tata Nano. Launch was successful and was overbooked by almost 200%. Globally car is positioned as â€Å"The World’s Cheapest Car? , which does not compromise quality, safety and environment. Growth stage:-   Nano aims to make out a niche segment for itself in the Indian automobile industry. The booming economy and the accelerated growth of lower middle class has generated very high demand for small cars. The closest competitor in the 4-wheeler segment:- Maruti 800 ( national competitor ,now going out of Indian roads ) * Toyota IQ (international competitor) * Reva (national and international competitor, cheaper than nano) Other cars are also planning to come in this segment at the same price level. Maturity stage:- †¢ Additionally Nano used innovative  and current successful promotions. â€Å"Tata Lana? was to be a  promotion that would put â€Å"lana? , cash, back into hands of purchasers . †¢ Nano would offer cash to purchasers as an incentive to buy or finance a Tata Nano. These kinds of promotions have proved highly effective in India . But with the increasing competition and  many new cars of different companies coming  into this segment can move the tata nano into the maturity stage. After coming at this stage tata nano will not have to spend a lot on promotions because it will be really popular by then and will be generating ample amount of revenue. Decline stage:- Nano is in the decline stage because failure of the car from the point of its release, because of its lighter body and inefficient engine and loud noise,that has issues with some parts of the market. It also went out of the market because of its advertisement in which the word â€Å"The cheapest car† has been in talks and public not liking the word â€Å"Cheap†. The low-income consumers in emerging markets often spurs significant innovation. * World is getting tougher day by day being unique is a competitive advantage. Expectations to nano has proved this. * After 100 years to Henry Ford, Tata has proved him again not only he came out of the expectations but also came out with a platform for Indian auto sector. * So as per this, it is not only the future car of India but also to the world, if exported.